Our expertise

Plastic injection : Hertus transforms plastics necessary for the realization of your products. That is small, average one or big series, Hertus is to adapt himself to your need thanks to its park machine of more than 40 press of different tonnages.

The “surmoulage” : The “Surmoulage” is a technique which allows us to inject a product on an already injected product (and possibly decorated). This solution is very interesting to obtain product of aspects always more innovative.

Bright solution : Hertus also accompanies his customers in the realization of project combining the plastic injection and the electronics. This solution takes all its interest on projects around the “night world”.

Plating : Hertus is equipped with bells of vacuum plating. This system allows to deposit a fine layer of aluminum on the product. Thanks to a varnish of protection and finish, Hertus emphasizes your products by making them brilliant according to your specifications.

Lacquering : Hertus is equipped with lines of varnishings and cabins of manual paints. These equipments allow us to deposit a fine transparent film on a support. Our lines give us the possibility of managing productions of sizes and different complexities simultaneously.

Laser deletion : This technique allows to remove the plating of a product according to a drawing thanks to a laser. The laser allows to delete very precisely products even circular such as bottles. This method allows to find the color or the transparency of the initial support.

Marking of products : This process allows to print decorations of metallic aspect or still images.

Pad printing / Screenprinting : Hertus suggests you marking your products according to their forms, logo or the color of your choice.